U.S. Divers Junior Regal Mask, Trigger Fins and Laguna Snorkel Combo Set

Can’t forget about the kids! After all, they will be even more excited to hit the water than you!

While there are a ton of super cheap, breakable, leaky, sets out there…I have dug through and found a set that will keep your kids happy and their faces dry. One of the biggest problems I have seen with “junior, youth, kids” snorkel sets is mask quality. I have cousins who enjoy swimming and I have witnessed time after time them surfacing with mask full of water!

kids snorkel set

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Luckily the Junior Regal Mask in this combo has been highly tested and reviewed and tested and I am confident in saying it is the best bang for you buck. The quick release and adjustable straps will keep you from having to fix your children’s masks every 2 minutes.  From the words of an Amazon reviewer: “The mask is unbelievable – doesn’t leak AT ALL.”   Easy enough.

I was surprised to learn that this snorkel has a dry top AND a lower purge valve! That is unheard of in most junior/youth snorkel gear combos. This is perfect for teaching your kids how to dive underwater without the nasty consequence of a mouth full of water. Still be sure to teach them how to purge though.

The Trigger fins are adjustable and very good for first time snorkelers. After reading tons of the reviews, there are very few mentions of any issues with the fins. Just be sure your kids know a good level of fit before sending them off. No need for blisters on vacation!

We all know kids can be picky, so this set comes in both blue and purple and comes with a mesh carrying bag for the beach.

Click Here to buy directly on Amazon and be sure to have a great time!

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