Top 5 Scuba and Snorkeling Forums

Scuba diving and snorkeling are VERY social sports and it is always rewarding to be able to share ideas, discuss equipment, and talk about your favorite dives. I personally am involved in 3-5 forums and constantly gain ideas of what gear to review on the site. So which is the best scuba forum?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 snorkel and scuba dive forums currently active today.

1. Scuba Board Community best scuba forum

Scuba Board is a very active forum with plenty of different categories including one dedicated to snorkeling and freediving! Pretty much any question you can think of can be answered by a whole community of scuba professionals.

Favorite Areas: Vintage Equipment Diving and Freediving 

2. Scuba Diving Forum

Not quite as active as the first board, however there are some really great threads in these forums. Great place for beginners to ask out there questions as well as advanced users to get specifics of locations.

Favorite areas: The Archives are actually really cool!

3. Deeper Blue Forums

Probably the most well constructed scuba diver forum, Deeper Blue has a section for everything. Geared a little heavier towards being a freediving forum and spearfishing forum, you will also find plenty of scuba tips and tricks as well. Also features a pretty solid buy/sell gear area.

Favorite Areas: Recipes and Cooking and Beginner Freediving

4. The Dive Forum

A very clean and user friendly forum, I have seen activity slow down recently. However, there are still plenty of useful posts archived and just keep an eye on last posted trends to see which threads are active. Tons of categories and threads to check out including a buy/sell board.

Favorite Areas: Natural Side of the Underwater World

5. Scuba Toys Forum

This forum covers tons of topics related to diving and also breaks down all sorts of gear. There are plenty of dead areas to the forums, but there is plenty of good information to be found.

Favorite Area: Hunting and Gathering

I prefer the first few forums on this list for my own uses. I have used these forums to buy gear, grab recipes, and even find diver partners for offshore trips! Do you have a favorite scuba forum? Let us know!

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