Top 3 Mask Defoggers

One way to quickly ruin a snorkeling session or dive is to have a fogged up mask! I have spent plenty of time spitting in my mask and dealing with this temporary fix. Luckily, there are a few mask defoggers I have tried and would recommend and yes….I would only recommend these three. Whether you have a dedicated snorkel mask, or a scuba dive mask, buying one of the following mask defoggers will keep you from seeing through a fog!

1. Sea Drops Scuba Snorkel Mask Defogger Sea Drops Mask defogger

I have used these on multiple spear diving trips. A little goes a long way with these “Sea Drops” and they will keep your mask clear for the whole dive. Just be sure not overdue it and be sure to rinse off your mask after applying the Sea Drops.  Want to see reviews? Click here or the photo!

2. 500 PSI Mask Defogger with CarabinerSnorkel Mask Defogger

Free carabiner..whoop whoop! Besides that, this is a great product and actually has better reviews than either of the other products Coming from Innovative Scuba Concepts, which p.s. has a ton of cool gear if you are a nerd like me, this mask defogger is well worth the money. I have used it multiple times for diving and snorkeling and have never had any issues. As always, be sure to follow instructions and you can click here to purchase.

3. Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

I recommend this one only because I have never had any personal Quick Spit dive mask defoggerissues with it. I have use it for dives, but read into Amazon reviews and it seems a few users have reported eyes stinging from use. Sitting at 4/5 stars after nearly 1500 reviews, I would say this is a good product. Just be sure to read up and follow instructions. Click here to purchase.

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