Best Scuba Dive Knife 2018 Review

Every diver (SCUBA and Freediver) will come across the need for a dive at some point in their diving career. If you are new to idea of dive knives or are thinking about getting one, I have added some extra information below about what you consider before buying a dive knife! Now lets take a look at this knife:

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Atomic Aquatics Titanium Ti6 Scuba Diving Knifebest dive knife 2017

  • Made from high corrosion titanium.

  • Serrated and straight edges

  • 4 inch blunt tipped blade or a 4.5 sharp tip available

  • Leg straps with quick adjust buckles.

  • Sheath included

    best scuba dive knife 2017

Full Review 

Aesthetically, this knife it has a very sleek and classy look. I used this exact knife on a recent trip to the Keys and it performed very well. The sheath is made of plastic and is attached to two leg straps with buckles on either end making it very easy to attach to either your thigh, calf, or even your arm for ease of use when diving. best scuba diving knife 2017

The knife itself is made from a corrosion-resistant titanium that will last a very long time. The plastic handle is removable for ease of cleaning post dive and is specially designed to be both comfortable to use and to hold. Titanium is less likely to rust than stainless steel but is always a good idea to rise your gear with fresh water after each dive regardless.

Which Tip?

There are two options to choose from when buying this knife – a blunt or a pointed tip. Freedivers often choose a pointed tip so they can spike their fish while SCUBA divers may prefer the blunt tip especially if you are a technical diver or diving with a dry suit (you don’t want to pierce or slash any hoses).best scuba diving knife 2017

The blade itself is both serrated on one side and straight edged on the other making it useful for slicing and or cutting. The blade on this knife is only 4 inches long on the blunt tip or 4.5 inches on the sharp tipped making this knife comfortable to wear and also easy to carry wherever you may go.

Should I Buy?

Overall this dive knife is a beautiful piece aesthetically and functionally for the price. It is also worth mentioning that this knife is very easy to remove from the sheath with only a two finger grip for those spearfisherman out there. This is tough to beat as a Scuba dive knife and is easily at the top o the list for best scuba dive knife 2018. Atomic aquatics is known for great dives.

What dive knife do you use? What is the best part about your preferred dive knife? Let us know in the comments section below!

best scuba dive knife 2017

How To Choose a Dive Knife

Who needs/uses a dive knife?
Scuba Divers and Free divers use knives but both for different reasons. Free divers need a dive knife to spike their fish (usually with a pointed top), slice fish open (with a smooth blade) and would also need a serrated edge for cutting through things like ropes etc.
SCUBA divers need dive knives particularly if they are technical divers or wreck diving enthusiasts. Unfortunately the underwater world does come with its fair share of fishing lines and ropes which can cause aquatic life or other divers to become entangled. It is important to remember that a dive knife is not a safety device underwater and it should be in no way used to harm or harass aquatic life.
What should I take into account when buying a dive knife?

Size of blade: While diving with a knife is never 100% safe a small blade is most often useful as you can stow it away and carry it easily. The desired size of the knife is based on the individual needs of each diver. I prefer a long thin blade for spearfishing.riffe dive knive

Attachment: How can this knife be attached to you or your gear? Dive knives often come with leg attachments or latches that can fit onto your SCUBA gear. You don’t want to lose your dive knife in the middle of a dive so consider where you will put it. Spearfisherman generally use a legs attachment for one handed access and scuba either use leg attachment or a simple clip on.

Types of edges available – A straight and serrated edge is the best option to cut through the likes of plastic as well as fishing line/ ropes. Again this depends on the personal needs of the diver. Dive knives usually come with one straight edge and one serrated edge but you will find single purpose dive knives if it is what you want.
Type of metal: You will find that many dive knives are made of either stainless steel or titanium. It is important to remember that you need to rinse your stainless steel dive knife after every dive as it prevents rusting. Titanium is also a good option as it does not rust but as a result of this the price for titanium knives is much higher. It is always wise to rinse your gear with fresh water and dry it thoroughly after every dive – well treated gear always lasts longer!
Type of handle: You don’t want to hold something uncomfortable underwater – many knifes are ergonomically designed for comfort in use. Many divers also use the handle of their dive knife as a “tank banger” to catch attention underwater. Also, many modern knives have a reinforced metal bottom that can be used to pry if necessary.

Best Scuba Dive Fins 2018

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Want the best scuba dive fin of 2018 without reading a ton of reviews?

ScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Finsbest scuba dive fin of 2017

Ready for a fin that looks modern and puts out a ton of power? Scubapro’s Seawing Gorilla fins checks off both of these boxes and more!

  • Open backed fins with bungee straps for convenience and comfort

  • Vented blades for extra propulsion

  • Articulated joint pivot for extra thrust in the water without extra effort thus reducing the likelihood of leg cramps.

  • Lightweight – good for travel and positively buoyant in the water unlike other high propulsion fins.

  • Comes in three colors: black, graphite (grey) and orange.

    Buy now

Full Review

These fins are very popular as Scubapro is considered one of the most popular brands of scuba gear. As the name of the fins might suggests….you will have “gorilla-like” strength when kicking in or under the water! At a quick glance one can see that these are open backed fins. These types of fins are best used with booties which will give you a more comfortable fit around the foot pocket area and lessens the likelihood of any ankle injuries. Bungee straps are attached to these fins to keep your feet firmly in place.

Bungee Straps?gorilla bungee strap

Other fins on the market often have click release straps that often come undone during a dive and need to be readjusted which can be quite cumbersome underwater. Bungee straps are very useful for ease of use when putting on or taking off fins and I personally prefer them when doing shorter dives. Quicker donning and removing time means more time in the water and less waiting time to get back on the boat!

The Blade

As we move down to the blade of the fin… we can see that the fins are split and held together by two hinges. The idea behind this is that the hinges allow an extra bit of stiffness and “snap” which gives extra propulsion without any extra work! Leg cramps are never your friend in the water so this extra power can be criticial to having fun.

It is worth noting that these fins are made from monoprene with a special additive to make the fins a little stiffer than its predecessor the standard Gorilla Novas. Vents can also be seen on the bottom half of the fins and allow the water to be propelled behind you thus causing you to move forward faster. This is especially useful on a surface swim!

Weight and Colorbest dive fin review 2017

Finally these fins are lightweight especially when compared to other propulsion fins such as jet fins which are negatively buoyant. Lightweight fins are a positive as they will add less weight to your luggage.  Several users noted that these fins are a little shorter than standard fins making it easier to fit the fins in their gear bag. The Seawings in come in three colors: black, graphite (grey) and orange. I recommend the orange to stay seen on and under the water!

Are these fins worth buying?

I own a pair so yes!  I prefer open backed fins and as cliché as it sounds: a good pair of fins will change the way you dive. A good pair of fins can have a positive knock on effect on your buoyancy making it more comfortable to move under the water. This in turn will decrease  your air consumption potentially giving you more bottom time. I would recommend these fins as a first pair of fins for a dive-master in training, a pair of back up fins for an instructor, or a travel guru looking for a lightweight set to carry on. These fins are a good pair to have on hand on a day where there might be a strong current on the surface or underwater.


ScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Fins


Top 5 Scuba Dive Fin Reviews 2018

Scuba diving fins are easily one of the most important  pieces of dive gear. There is nothing more frustrating than having aching legs at the end of a dive or not having enough power underwater. Whether you are looking to leisurely glide through the water at a slow and steady pace or you are looking for more propulsion in hard current, lets dive right into the best the market has to offer!

1. Atomic Aquatics Split Fins

  • Split fins to deliver more propulsion without excess effort/fatigue/cramping
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Easy release buckles for ease of use
  • 8 colors to choose fromAtomic Aquatics Split Fins

According to Atomic “even fish envy Splitfins”. These fins would be suitable for divers who find their legs tire easily in the water with conventional stiff fins, no one likes an unexpected leg cramp! These scuba diving fins aim to minimize air consumption while you kick potentially lengthening your dive time…which is awesome! I find these fins work best with the conventional kick cycle and not frog kicks so just something to take into consideration.

The Atomic Split Fins are a great overall dive fin and the multiple color choices will please even the pickiest diver.

2. Aqua Lung Shot FX Spring Strap Diving Fin

  • “Power zone” located in the foot pocket for optimal propulsion when kicking
  • Stiffness adds to propulsion in the water but soft enough that it does not cause fatigue.
  • Designed primarily for women for greater comfort in the water
  • Soft spring back provides greater comfort in the heel areaAqua Lung Shot FX Spring Strap Diving Fin reviews

While not 100% a woman’s dive fin, sizing and reviews tend to be aimed at, and coming from, women. One benefit of these fins is that small feet sizes are available. Personally I feel these fins would be a good choice for a female diver who is just beginning to put her scuba gear together. I have used these on a trip to the Florida Keys and they provide a very efficient kick without any strain. With any open backed fins, it is important to consider a comfortable pair of booties to maximize comfort and prevent rubbing.

3. Aqua Lung Sling Shot Fins

  • Streamlined foot pocket that suits a multitude of dive booties – both thick and thin.
  • Heel straps with loopholes on either end for ease of use with thick dive gloves
  • Press and release button on the heels for ease of use in the water.
  • A rigid fin for maximum propulsion.Aqua Lung Slingshot Fins

These scuba diving fins are marketed towards divers in all types of water. Particularly with regards to the ease of use with gloves and thick equipment… these fins may be favored by cold water diving, technical divers, or ice divers. As these fins are more rigid, they are great when swimming against strong currents or if you just need that extra push! Last but not least…they look awesome!

4. ScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Fin

  • Bungee straps for ease of donning and taking off
  • Available in a multitude of colors.
  • Light which makes them easily transportable and useful for traveling divers.
  • Elongated foot pocket for greater propulsionScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Fin rewview

Scubapro pride these fins as being used by  PADI professionals and rightly so. The interesting thing about these fins is the elongated foot pocket which gives extra propulsion and control while maintaining structure. They also feature bungee straps for ease of use in and out of the water.Another useful feature is the lightweight design which is great if you like to dive while you travel. Coming in 5 colors, the Scubapro Seawing Gorilla Fins are great for professional divers or those looking for a great overall scuba fin.

5. Cressi Pro Light : Open Heel Scuba Diving Fins 

  • Comfort foot pocket for power
  • Constructed to transfer weight to heel to prevent foot cramps
  • Plenty of sizes and 3 colors
  • One of the highest rated fins availableCressi PRO LIGHT Reviews

If you are looking for a very basic and affordable dive fin, this is the one. Cressi is one of the most trusted brands in scuba diving and the Pro Light fins live up to their name. I have owned these fins in the past and they are great for beginners or anyone just looking for a reliable dive fin. The fin pocket is nice and wide and soft on the inside so fin socks aren’t a must, but I would still recommend using booties or fins socks. Propulsion wise, I would say the Pro Lights offer average thrust but at the same time will not wear out your legs.

No diver is the same – we all have different needs when we are in the water. Personally I like a stiff fin quite little the Aqualung Shot FX as I like to be able to get where I am going and chase after fish while spearfishing. In a black and white world I also like to stand out a little underwater with a burst of color – it also makes it easier for your dive buddy to recognize you underwater.  But, everyone is different. Which fins do you use – what’s most important for you when you research into fins? Is there a particular brand that you are loyal to and why?

Let us know in the comments below!

Best Freediving Snorkel Combo 2018

Mares Freediving Fin Mask Snorkel Set Review

Finally! The freediving world has long been in need of a buy-and-start solution to the sport and Mares has stepped up to the plate with the Mares Razor Freediving Set. Let’s take a look at each individual component of this setup and break down why it is a great starter kit for anyone looking to jump right into freediving set

What Is Included

This package technically has everything you need to get started freediving. While there are a few extra items I will recommend later…the main components include:

Mares has teamed up with Phantom Aquatics to include a mask and snorkel combo that is actually quite a deal. While there are always upgrades, the overall package itself is perfect for anyone looking to get started.

Mare Razor Long Blade Full Foot Fins

One of the reasons this combo is great for beginners is dude to Mares specifically formulated “Razor” fins which are ~30% softer in the blade than the Pro version. While this technically decreases overall power, it also prevents fatigue and allows for longer intervals of surface kicking without being completely worn out. This is perfect for those new to the sport who will not be going 80+ feet right off the bat and will may use the fins to double as snorkeling freediving combo

The Razors are also some of the lightest fins on the market making them great for travel. The last two features with the fin are the V at the end of the blade and a full foot pocket. The “V” keep water flowing through the center of the fin and keeps your foot from slipping side to the side. I would recommend a pair of fin socks to go along with these fins to get the fit just right!

Mares Long Blade Fin Bag

Measuring out at 37″x 10″ x 3′, this bag will easily hold this combo as well as any extra gear you happen to bring along. An external pouch for your mask/snorkel or any other necessities and a carrying strap make this a perfect case. At 37 inches long, this will also most likely whatever fins you end up with next including the Mares Pros.

Phantom Aquatics Freediving Mask best freediving mask review

When it comes to choosing a dedicated freediving mask, you primarily look for two things: Low volume and a wide field of view. Luckily, the Phantom Aquatics mask has both of these features and more. This mask is built wide for maximum visibility which is great for any spearfishing you may undertake on your freedive. The other component, low volume, is a big factor when it comes to purging air and equalization on the way down. The smaller the amount of air in your mask, the easier it will be to clear which is a crucial step in conserving energy on deeper dives.

The mask comes in two colors (black and clear) for anyone looking for some customization and is generally bought as a combo. I have owned this mask before and never experienced any issues. Consider buying a fog proofing spray if you find that you experience this issue in previous dives. The silicone material pretty much guarantees a fit for any size face or head so I was impressed such a  versatile mask was included in the combo.

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel

Last in the set is the Dry Snorkel. Being one of the highest rated snorkels and having over 11 colors makes this one a pretty easy choice. This snorkel features a dry top which allows air to come in, but keeps water out. Perfect for a beginner or simply hassle-free snorkeling experience. One feature I love about this snorkel is the self draining chamber at the bottom. Combined with the overall length of 18 inches, this is a hard snorkel to beat and a great addition to the overall combo.

Final Thoughts And Should You Buy?

Running a snorkel review site, I see a lot of combos come across the table but very few meet my standards. However, for a best overall freediving combo, this is tough to beat. I love anything Mares and Phantom is known for their gear. I would highly recommend this set to anyone just starting freediving, giving a gift, or looking for a turnkey solution.

Freediving combo

Other Recommended Products For Freedivers

The freediving combo above is a great start for any freediver getting started. However, there are a few other items worth considering. Below is a quick list of some of my favorite gear with links. Enjoy!

  1. Weight Belt: Crucial for being able to get deep faster! Here is a link to my current favorite from Riffe, up to you though on belt material.
  2. Wet Suit: Hitting the thermo-cline is COLD! Luckily, I have a whole post on the best wetsuits currently available here.
  3. Dive Knife: Why? I just feel naked without one and once you get into spearfishing you will need one anyway. Full post on knives here.

Looking to get into spearfishing? Check out the Top Spearguns of 2018 post! 

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins Review

I have owned 3 pairs of Mares Instinct Pros so I can comfortably say, this is a top-notch product. Regardless of whether you are  an experienced free diver  or just getting started, lets take a look at why these are some of the most popular free dive fins in the world! Full review below…

mares instinct pro dive finsMares Instinct Pro Freedive Fins

  • Semi-Rigid For Great Power and Durability

  • Comfortable Foot Pocket for Long Sessions

  • Two Colors to Choose From (Camo + Black)

  • Light Weight Yet Tough

Buy now

What makes this a great free dive fin?

With tons of players entering the free dive market, it takes a remarkable fin to stay around as long as the Mares Instinct series. This particular fin is the combination of years of consumer feedback and finding out exactly what works. I personally chose these as my primary dive fins and can attest to the technology that these fins boast.


The fin has a lateral stringer that extends down the length of the fin and offers power and stiffness, while also being flexible enough to not wear out your legs. This is crucial for freedivers and spearfisherman alike, as tiredness can quickly end your dive trip. This stiffness also equates to responsiveness which is what you need to get down fast!


There are plenty of fins out there that go well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Luckily, these fins stay well within a budget price range and will do the trick. I still have the first pair I ever bough so they will last as long as you take care of them. Mares is also famous for their fins so your fins are in good hands.

mares instinct pro reviewFinal Suggestions

The Mares Instinct series do run a little big, so I highly recommend buying a pair of fin socks such as these to go along with your fins to keep them snug! I also suggest trying the fins out in a pool to get a feel for the power of the fins.

Should I Buy?

Click here to purchase on Amazon, yes it is an affiliate link but I love these fins and have freedive for years with them! Let me know if you have any particular questions about these freedive fins.

How To Use A Pole Spear

Going back to the spearfishing’s most ancient roots, using a pole spear is a great way to get started in the spearfishing world! Using a pole spear has many benefits and can be more rewarding than using a full on gun. Let’s first take a look at times when it would make the most sense to be using a pole spear!

Why Use A Pole Spear?pole spear fishing

While basic, a pole spear (or Hawaiian Sling) is a very powerful tool when used correctly. There is technically not a fish that if hit correctly, can not be taken down with a pole spear! I have personally shot plenty of sheepshead, flounder, taug, lionfish, and even a grouper this season. That being said, there are times when it makes the most sense such as:

  • Shallow water
  • Close quarters
  • Need for quick reload
  • Upping the challenge level
  • Backup if gun breaks

The most common use of a pole spear is around jetties and in shallow water where space is limited and a quick reload is necessary. For instance, if you are hunting sheepshead…many times they swim in schools. So if you shoot one, there are usually 3-5 more close by! With a pole spear you have an instant reload and can bag 2-3 at time with some practice. This is simply not possibly with a gun.

Pole spears are also very maneuverable and can make otherwise impossible shots a reality. In the jetties, it is crucial to be able to shoot up into cracks and nab those taug! With a shorter model spear, it can make hunting quick work and you will be eating well.

How To Use a Pole Spear

To understand how to use a pole spear, you must understand the parts and the basic physics behind them. The main parts are the shaft, tip, and band. The band is elastic and provides the power behind the shot. Otherwise, you would just be trying to stab fish! By utilizing the force created by the band, your spear is able to rapidly release through the water and add a lot of stopping power.

how to use a polespear

The band create power and rapidly pushes the spear through the water.

To use the pole spear, you place the band between your thumb and forefinger and grab a spot far up on the spear, usually a foot or so from the end. As seen in the photo, you simply aim by pointing the spear where you want it to go. Just be sure to hold onto to the band after shooting or your spear could be lost! This sounds like it may happen often, but I have yet to lose a spear this way and holding on is easy.


Now unless you have some beginner’s luck, aiming a pole spear usually takes a few attempts to get right. What I would recommend is finding a neutrally buoyant object, or build one, and test out shooting it in a pool or in clear shallow water. This will make it easier for you when it comes time for the real thing. The last thing you would want is to miss a big fish!

Pro Tip: “Try rotating your shooting hand so the back of your hand is face down, this give you a better siteline when aiming dead ahead!”

Choosing a Spear Tip

best paralyzer tip for spearfishing

The paralyzer tip stuns the fish.

At first glance, you will find quite a few different spear tips including the paralyzer, the single barb, and the double barb. It generally comes down to the size fish you will be hunting and the environment. For smaller fish that you can pin against rocks in shallower environments, the paralyzer tip will do the trick. This “stuns” the fish and you will need to be sure to get a quick stringer on the fish.

For bigger fish such as cobia, grouper, etc. it is beneficial to use a single or double barb tip. The barbs keep the fish from coming off and for those trophy bluewater fish, using a double barbed spear tip is recommended.

So Which Pole Spear Should You Buy?

The main three lengths of pole spears are 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet. For a beginner, any of these will work but the 6 footer is a great starting place. A paralyzer tip is also a great starter tip and will do the trick on pretty much any smaller fish. Just be sure to be quick about grabbing your catch!

My Top Choice best pole spear for beginner

  1. Scuba Choice 5′ Travel Pole Spear with Paralyzer Tip

This is a perfect starter pole spear and includes a paralyzer tip and bag. It can also be broken down and taken with you on a spear trip! Scuba Choice is a very well known brand and you will find this pole spear is very well reviewed.

If you are a beginner or just need a great travel pole spear, this is your best bet. Yes the following link is an affiliate link, but I would not recommend anything I knew was not the best! If you are interested, simply click the photo to the right or the button below!best hawaiin sling

Best Beginner Speargun 2018 Review

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Want to get into spearfishing but don’t know where to start? 

AB Biller Wood Speargun Kit  beginner speargun (Full Review Below)
The perfect starter gun for anyone looking to dive into spearfishing. From the respected AB Biller, this gun features:

  • 7 Gun Lengths to choose from

  • Full kit including Gun, Shaft, Tip, and Bands

  • Beautiful wood finish

  • Easily Customizable

  • Easy to reload, change speartips, and shoot!

first speargun

A Closer Look at the AB Biller Spearfishing Kit

If you are just getting into spearfishing, first off congrats! It is one of the most rewarding sports and will quickly turn from a hobby into a lifetime passion. Choosing the right first gun can seem like a daunting task, but trust me on this recommendation as the AB Biller will not disappoint.

The first thing to consider when buying your gun is deciding what type of fish and diving you will be doing. Luckily the AB Biller comes in 24, 32,36,42,48, 54, and 60 inch models so you are covered regardless of what you are hunting! For freediving near rocks, piers, or jetties…anything in the 24-36″ range will work perfectly. Once you are looking at scuba or advanced freediving, 42 and above will be what you need and consider upgrading to a reel such as this one.

Why Wood?

AB Biller is famous for their wood finishes and they truly do look amazing. They also make for a nice light gun that is neutrally buoyant once shot so you do not have to worry about your line getting tangled in your fins. Also if taken care of properly, these guns last way longer than their metal counterparts. I’ve seen 10-15 year old guns function and look practically new.

I own the 36″ version and can attest that they are built to last and I have speared many a dinner off the jetties. Just be sure to address any chips or dings early and you will keep the wood looking great!

Choosing the Right Beginner Speargun : My Recommendation

Unless you will be freediving 80-100 feet down and need a big gun, which I will assume if you are new you will not need….I would highly recommend the 36″ model. This model is:

  • Affordable
  • Easily maneuverable around rocks and small areas
  • Still packs enough power shoot big fish
  • Perfect for learning
  • Personally owned and love it

AB Biller makes a great gun and as you can see, is loaded with features and will get you on your first fish. If you have any particular questions about the gun, shoot me an email and I can get it answered.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and buy. Yes this is an affiliate link, but I love this gun and would not recommend a product I do not belive is the best!

best beginner speargun review

Best Air Integrated Dive Computer Review 2018

An air integrated dive computer is one of the most convenient pieces of equipment in the diving industry. Having all of your information on one easy to read display, a dive tracker, and managing your air intake is amazing. I have tried close to 15 different dive computers during my diving career and have only come across a few that really shine.

The model I review below is the best wristwatch version,  I am just a fan of wrist watch computers and will review the best hose version in the future.

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Want the best Air Integrated Dive Computer? 

Oceanic ATOM 3.1 Wristwatch Dive Computer
best air integrated dive computerOceanic is known for well built, not to mention stylish, dive computers. Main features include:

  • Easy to read display with depth, time, PSI, and more!

  • Calculates Air Time Remaining and Dive Time Remaining

  • 24 Dive Log Capacity with easy data  USB offload

  • Audible Alarms and backlighting

  • 3 Colors and stylish design for dive or everyday wear

Buy now




What all does this Dive Computer Do?

If you are looking for a TON of features in a little package, this is the perfect air integrated dive computer for you. While some divers are skeptical about wireless transmittance of your PSI, this one will not give you any issues and technology has come a very long way. I personally have used this computer in Vietnam and experienced no issues.

best watch dive computer

White model

Here is a list of just a few things the ATOM 3.1 can do:

  • Displays depth
  • Tank Pressure
  • Air Time Remaining
  • Elapsed Dive time
  • No-Decompression time remaining
  • Wireless Air Integration
  • 24 Dive On-Board Log Capacity (99 Free Dives)
  • Multiple audible alarm functionality
  • Temperature reading
  • USB capable for offloading dives
  • Altitude Adjustment
  • Low Battery Indicator


The Good and the Bad

So now that we have seen what it can do, what exactly are we looking at and what in the heck is a ” Dual Algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16c based PZ+?

This is a great watch for anyone looking for an all-in-one dive watch that could potentially be worn every day. It has multiple display features and most every statistic (feature) can be shown in oversized digits with the press of a button. The ATOM 3.1 has 4 operating modes which allow users to shift between normal watch functions and well as more specific dive related gauges.

One draw back you will find in reviews  is that it almost does too much! However, there are plenty of videos and manuals which will have you up and running in no time. Another nice feature of the ATOM 3.1 is its 24 month limited warranty if anything was to happen.

Air Integrated Dive Computer Component

With a single button sync, being able to wirelessly see your PSI is an awesome feature and probably why you are here! After testing myself and reading over countless reviews, there are very few times where your connection may be weakened and only when adjusting a fin strap or similar. These instances are far and few between so you should not have any issues with your air integrated watch!

Should I Buy?

If you are ready to step up your diving and have a slick, feature rich, air integrated dive watch…..the Atom 3.0 is the one for you. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with as many features as possible before hitting the water.

Click here to purchase on Amazon, yes it is an affiliate link but I have to fund this website some how! I hope you have enjoyed my review and feel free to leave a comment with any  questions!

Best Wetsuits for Diving and Snorkeling 2018

Growing up a surfer, I have been through every size, shape, and thickness of wetsuit on the market. Whether you are looking for a 4/3 hooded suit to beat the cold, or a simple 1mm top to lengthen your tropical vacation, it is always better to be warm!

Why You NEED a Wetsuit

Even water as warm as 80 degrees (think Caribbean) can result in hypothermia over a long enough time period. Now, this is an extreme, but most snorkel or dive sessions last longer than a quick dip in the water and your body can start to lose heat very quickly. It comes down to any water temperature below your resting body temp (98.6) can result in hypothermia.

I have started shivering in 75-degree water and full sun within 15 minutes. Add in any depth to your snorkel or dive session and you are quickly in need of a wetsuit. Scuba divers can attest to hitting a thermocline which is a rapid decrease in water  temperature. A 100 degree day and 80 degree water up top quickly requires a wetsuit ~30 feet under. Trust me, nothing will ruin a dive or snorkel session quicker than becoming cold.

A wetsuit or rash top also keeps any jellyfish or floating matter from direct contact with the skin. Kids will also benefit as most wetsuits and tops add buoyancy and will keep your child warm and using less effort to continue snorkeling!

Mobile viewers…tilt your phone to the side! 🙂

Product ImageBrand/TypePros / ConsBest For:PriceRating
best diving wetsuitU.S. Divers Full Adult Wetsuit-Multiple sizes
-Multiple colors
-Great basic suit
-Check sizes!
Scuba Diving and snorkeling relatively warm water$$5/5
best skinsuit for divingLycra Full Body Diving Suit -Full body coverage
-Front zipper for easy on/off
-Not for super cold water
Light protection. Basically a cover up but good for warmer dives$4.5/5
warmest scuba suitO'Neill Wetsuit Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit-Best brand on the market
-Very warm and still flexible
-Amazing reviews
-Little more pricey
Best suit for staying warm and protected. 3/2 thickness will cover most dives.$$$5/5
best womans wetsuitO'Neill Dive Wetsuits Womens 3 mm Explore Full SuitWomen's version of the above suit
-"Firewall" chest for warmth
-Great for all activities
-3m for warmth
Great for scuba, snorkel, swimming, surfing.$$$5/5
ripcurl wetsuit for divingRip Curl Dawn Patrol Back Zip 3/2 GB Wetsuit-Great brand I own 3 of
-3/2 for extra warmth
-Hydro lock collar to keep water out
-Back zip style may bother some users
-Three colors
Diving, snorkeling, surfing in chilly water or destinations with a decent thermocline$$4.7/5
best springsuit for divingRip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring Suit-Great for warm water and basic protection
-Small key pocket
-Leg length a bit longer than photo
-check sizes
Protection for diving in warm water or simply staying warm. Highly recommend for tropical diving$$4.5/5
best mens springsuitO'Neill Wetsuits Mens 2mm Reactor Spring Suit-O'neil makes great suits
-Good thickness for warm water diving
-Check sizing
-Awesome bang for you buck
-Hidden key pocket
Any water activity where you could get chilly. $5/5

Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Set Review

Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Set For Kids

Who comes up with these names? Regardless, this is one of the best snorkel combos you are going to find for your kids. Let’s jump right in the set and take a look at what is included!best kids snorkel set review

What’s inside?

The Promate Junior Combo is aimed at kids between 3 and 10 years old and includes a snorkel, mask, fins, and a mesh carrying bag so everything stays together. This is a perfect set for jumping in the pool or testing out the ocean with basic snorkeling. I would recommend it for any first time divers and it comes in Blue, Pink, and Green so your kids will get to choose!

The Mask

The mask has an easy adjustable buckle and dimples for equalization ease. A big plus for this mask is the channel designs which funnel bubbles away from the user. This can be an issue with kids not quite used to all the elements of snorkeling or diving so I am glad it is addressed. Overall, this mask was built with kids in mind and the tempered glass is a nice safety touch.

The Snorkel

I am impressed they include a dry snorkel in this package. A dry snorkel ensures that no water seeps into your kids snorkel if they go underwater or a wave comes over the top of the snorkel. The smaller mouthpiece and strong attachment to the mask show they were thinking for kids when they built this mask. Be sure your kid has practiced a little before going straight into the ocean as breathing through a snorkel can take some getting used to!

The Fins

Fins can be tricky as “fit” is always an issue and we both know kids feet grow fast and unpredictably! Luckily these fins come in two sizes depending on your child’s age. Be sure to check out the size chart here when deciding which to choose. These kids snorkel fins also feature an open heel which make getting them on and off a breeze.

One issue that could arise with the open heel however is blisters. best kids fin socks If your child will be using these fins extensively, I would HIGHLY recommend buying a pair of kids size fin socks. Luckily, I went ahead and found some that come highly reviewed. Click the photo or click here to check them out.

So Should You Buy?

With 84 reviews and sitting at 4 stars…I think they speak for themselves. I personally have bought this kids snorkel set for my cousin and he loved it. While you will find some less than stellar reviews out there, that is every product! If you are looking for a very solid and comfortable snorkel set for your kid to get started with, this is perfect! Simply click the button to head over and purchase!

buy snorkel ger set