2017 Scuba Diver and Snorkeler Holiday Gift Guide

I will admit, finding a gift for a diver can be tough! Most divers are gear nerds anyway and have most the basics covered. Luckily…I have done a ton of digging and have found 20 products which will please anyone who loves the water.

I have broken it down into “Best Of” sections to make it easier to sort through. Also, here is the link for easy shopping on-site for all the items below. With Christmas coming quick, go ahead and find that perfect gift for the water-addict in your life!

Awesome Accessoriesscuba water bottle


TankH2O Scuba Tank Stainless Steel Water Bottle :

One of the cheapest, but coolest gifts on this list in my opinion. Featured as a Dive Industry product of the year, this little water bottle is sure to delight any diver in your life. A rubber bottom will keep it from sliding and it features an easy screw off top. Cool product.

Large Dive Flag4147QRWQVTL

Know a diver who is still in college and wants some wall art? Or simply someone who needs a new signal out on the boat, this is the flag for you. While it won’t be as durable as a dedicated dive flag, it will get the job done…also its hard to beat it for $7 bucks.

Clothingscubamax dive parka

Dive Parka :

Most dive trips involve a boat, and I have found it is always cooler out on the water, especially after getting out after a dive.One of my favorites on the list, this truly original product would make an awesome gift. The Scubamax Diver Parka is built to keep even the coolest natured diver in your life warm. Also, everyone on the boat will be jealous of how awesome your parka is!

Born of Water Scuba Diving Shirt born of water shirt

Awesome shirt. Awesome Price. Any diver, snorkeler, or water loving person in your life will absolutely love this shirt. It is also preshrunk and the reflection in the water is sure to bring the person wearing it a boat load of compliments.

“Diver” shirt: best Diving shirt

This slick shirt comes in 7 different colors and is perfect for someone who likes to dive, but doesn’t want to be too flashy in their style. Personally, I think the light blue is the best!


Born of Water Scuba Diving Hatdive hat  :

Complete the outfit with this dive flag “distressed” hat. Subtle, yet noticeable the hat has the slightly worn out look and is a cool addition to other gear on this list. I would probably recommend this hat for a slightly older person, as I am not sure how well the worn out look would go with a teen.

Dive Lights

UK SL4 eLED L1 Dive Light : 51vCLu3rw3L._SX522_

Not the most attractive name, but definitely one of the best dive lights on the market. The UK SL4 can be found in many a divers gear bag and boasts 400 lumens with 10 hours of burn time. Unlike many pistol grip lights, the UK SL4 is conveniently small but will hold its own against any larger dive light. I have owned this light and still utilize it as a backup and can personally vouch for its durability. If you are looking for a great gift for a new, or advanced diver, this is the light for you. As a added plus, it comes in three colors! (Yellow, blue, black)

Esky® 500lumen LED Submarine Light :esky dive light

Need a affordable dive light that makes a great gift? The Esky LED Submarine Light features two brightness levels and comes with its own carrying case. It is recommendded for 80 feet or less, so if you have and advanced diver that would be going deeper, you may want to step up. However, this light is perfect for a casual diver and happens to be rechargeable…which is awesome.

Camera Gear/Accesoriess

GoPro Hero 4: gopro 4 for scuba diving

After experimenting with multiple underwater cameras, it is hard to beat a GoPro. I have owned a GoPro2 and the new 4 and recording a dive has never been so easy, or looked so good. Are there other options on the market? Yes. However, GoPro 4 is easily the best gift you can buy if you are going to spend the money on a waterproof camera.

GoPro Accessory Kit :gopro accessory kit

If you are going to buy a GoPro, might as well go all out for the lucky receiver of the gift. This kit includes over 40 GoPro attachments, mounts, and other awesome ways to improve the product. Worth noting are a carrying case, “selfie” stick, and an octopus tripod. The under videographer in your life will freak out with the amount of options opened up to them with this kit.

Dive Bags

Mares Cruise Mesh Duffle Bag : mares mesh dive bag

A perfect dive bag. Lightweight, tons of room for all that diver gear, and made with mesh so washing down any gear inside is super easy. Made long to be able to fit even the longest fins, the Mares Cruise Mesh bag is a solid choice for that diver in your life who is renowned for leaving gear all over the place. Highly recommended and very affordable, this is a solid gift for any diver or snorkeler.

ScubaMax Dive Flag Mesh Dive Bag : scubmax dive bag

Want everyone to know what this bag is for? This dual flag-sided bag is durable and won’t leave anyone wondering what you are up to! I have a few friends who have used this bag and it has held up well over time. Mesh siding allows for easy drainage and an extra velcro pocket on the exterior is perfect for smaller items. A good gift for any diver hauling gear.

Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Deluxe : A1Kee5wx1vL._SL1500_

The “cadillac” of dive bags, this bag has it all. An easy backpack design allows for quick transport and the mesh is perfect for a quick gear rinse. An external padded pack will fit your regulator or similar sensitive equipment and this Deluxe version is lighter so it is built for travel in mind. At only $40, this is a hard pack to beat!

Dive Logs

Scuba Diving Log BinderDive log

This water resistant dive log will encourage the diver in your life to record everything they see. As a diver, I can attest to looking back and remembering the little things that may have slipped your mind. With room for “100’s of dive logs”, this log is water resistant. A good buy for a first time diver and is backed by 45 solid reviews.

ScubaPro Waterproof Pages Divers Log Book : 51qpFSi6EBL

Slightly smaller than most dive logs, this log is perfect for taking on trips and throwing into a dive bag. With room for around 50 dives, this log is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about losing data on a dive boat. Be sure to make sure whichever pen you use works well before hand as waterproof “paper” sometimes be tough to write on with certain pens.

Scuba Diving Log Book : Dive log 2

This 66 page dive log has room for everything. Though it is not waterproof, it has pockets for dive cards, pens, and plenty of pages to record your best diving memories. A good buy for the organized person in your life who wants to make sure everything is one place and they can write out their dives in full detail. If you want it in dive flag colors…here you go!


Shadow Divers :shadow divers

THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. I have read it twice and any diver will quickly be enthralled with the content. This book details the true story of two recreational divers who find history off the coast New Jersey and risk their lives to bring it to the world. This emotional ride is a great read for anyone and easily takes the #1 spot for books on my holiday guide for divers.

Dive Atlas of the World: An Illustrated Guide to the Best Sites : dive atlas of the world

Categorize this one as more of a coffee table book, the Dive Atlas of the World has photos and descriptions of great dive sites from across the world. There are plenty of award winning photographers featured and the “atlas” has plenty of maps and information to keep scuba nerds satisfied.

The Complete Diver: The History, Science, and Practice of Scuba DivingThe complete Diver

Have a new diver in your life? Or someone who loves the scientific side of diving? The Complete Diver has you covered and will keep that special someone entertained through the holidays. Topics covered include physiology, medicine, and diving techniques. Definitely a good one for nerds like me.

Well thats all I got! Personally, I think every gift on this list would make any diver happy. Feel free to comment with any scuba diving gifts I may have left out and I will be sure to add them in.

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  1. Matt Fangman says:

    Maybe add An American Immersion book to your list? It has just been published(May 2016) and is about diving in all 50 states:


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