Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Set Review

Promate Junior Snorkeling Scuba Diving Mask Dry Snorkel Fins Set For Kids

Who comes up with these names? Regardless, this is one of the best snorkel combos you are going to find for your kids. Let’s jump right in the set and take a look at what is included!best kids snorkel set review

What’s inside?

The Promate Junior Combo is aimed at kids between 3 and 10 years old and includes a snorkel, mask, fins, and a mesh carrying bag so everything stays together. This is a perfect set for jumping in the pool or testing out the ocean with basic snorkeling. I would recommend it for any first time divers and it comes in Blue, Pink, and Green so your kids will get to choose!

The Mask

The mask has an easy adjustable buckle and dimples for equalization ease. A big plus for this mask is the channel designs which funnel bubbles away from the user. This can be an issue with kids not quite used to all the elements of snorkeling or diving so I am glad it is addressed. Overall, this mask was built with kids in mind and the tempered glass is a nice safety touch.

The Snorkel

I am impressed they include a dry snorkel in this package. A dry snorkel ensures that no water seeps into your kids snorkel if they go underwater or a wave comes over the top of the snorkel. The smaller mouthpiece and strong attachment to the mask show they were thinking for kids when they built this mask. Be sure your kid has practiced a little before going straight into the ocean as breathing through a snorkel can take some getting used to!

The Fins

Fins can be tricky as “fit” is always an issue and we both know kids feet grow fast and unpredictably! Luckily these fins come in two sizes depending on your child’s age. Be sure to check out the size chart here when deciding which to choose. These kids snorkel fins also feature an open heel which make getting them on and off a breeze.

One issue that could arise with the open heel however is blisters. best kids fin socks If your child will be using these fins extensively, I would HIGHLY recommend buying a pair of kids size fin socks. Luckily, I went ahead and found some that come highly reviewed. Click the photo or click here to check them out.

So Should You Buy?

With 84 reviews and sitting at 4 stars…I think they speak for themselves. I personally have bought this kids snorkel set for my cousin and he loved it. While you will find some less than stellar reviews out there, that is every product! If you are looking for a very solid and comfortable snorkel set for your kid to get started with, this is perfect! Simply click the button to head over and purchase!

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