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Let start with a photo…because this mask is quite interesting!

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask  Review

Meet the EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask

For a newcomer, or even the experienced, snorkeling with a normal mask and snorkel has its issues. Foggy masks, leaky snorkels, and tired teeth after a long day in the water are just a few. This is where the Easybreath Snorkeling Mask comes in.

Designed for a 180° field of view, the Easybreath Mask allows for full face submersion without having to worry about a snorkel. This means you can breath through you nose and mouth just as you would normally! It is a cool solution and even has a dry snorkel to keep water from entering the mask during full submersion.

So Does It Work?

Short answer…yes. For anyone who is looking for a casual mask to stay on the surface and enjoy the view, this is a hard to beat. The mask has been very well reviewed across the Internet and has been shown to work as advertised. I have tried it and though I prefer my normal mask and snorkel from habit, it is cool and keeps your face dry and allows for easy breathing. (Hence the name I suppose?)

There are a few downsides to the mask that are often mentioned. One being that it must be a tight fit to truly keep water out, and this can become uncomfortable. Another issue is that air flow is not going to be as easy as normal breathing. So if you plan on swimming as exercise, this is not the mask for you as it is built only for snorkeling.

Should I Buy?

If you are not a fan of regular mask and snorkel, or have a kid who wants to hop in the water quickly, this is definitely worth a shot. Make sure to read a couple reviews to get sizing right, but I believe this is a good product. Good luck and let me know how you like it if you decide to buy!

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