Cressi Frog Plus Fins with Dive Mask Dry Snorkel Set

Avoid dive shop prices but get dive shop quality gear! Thanks to Cressi, this is now possible with the Cressi fins, mask and snorkel set.

Cressi mean quality and you will not be disappointed. The $100-$130 price tag is more than justified by the features, make, and brand behind this combo.

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This Cressi mask is top notch. It has every feature I look for each time I am buying a mask. Low volume, revolving (easily adjustable) straps, an array of colors, and the ability to accept custom lenses. In Cressi’s words: “Its low-volume, twin-lens design gives divers and snorkelers a proven combination of size, fit, and durability. Lightweight and easy-to-clear it has swiveling, quick adjusting buckles and accepts corrective lenses.”

Need I say more?

The snorkel and fins included in this set are just as nice as the mask. The Cressi Supernova Dry keeps water out and has the purge valve on the bottom so clearing is incredibly easy. For those who are not as familiar with purge valves, it is a little valve at the lowest point of the snorkel which water can be expelled from, but will not let water in. Therefore, clearing your snorkel is easier than it would be without the valve.

The Cressi Frog Plus Dive fins can run anywhere from $100-$160 just by themselves! See what I mean by this is a REALLY good deal on this gear? Featuring swim rails, these fins are perfect for those just learning and don’t quite have their kick optimized.

This combo has over 60 Reviews and rates very well! I told you this was a good deal on awesome gear!

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