Best Wetsuits for Diving and Snorkeling 2017

Growing up a surfer, I have been through every size, shape, and thickness of wetsuit on the market. Whether you are looking for a 4/3 hooded suit to beat the cold, or a simple 1mm top to lengthen your tropical vacation, it is always better to be warm!

Why You NEED a Wetsuit

Even water as warm as 80 degrees (think Caribbean) can result in hypothermia over a long enough time period. Now, this is an extreme, but most snorkel or dive sessions last longer than a quick dip in the water and your body can start to lose heat very quickly. It comes down to any water temperature below your resting body temp (98.6) can result in hypothermia.

I have started shivering in 75-degree water and full sun within 15 minutes. Add in any depth to your snorkel or dive session and you are quickly in need of a wetsuit. Scuba divers can attest to hitting a thermocline which is a rapid decrease in water  temperature. A 100 degree day and 80 degree water up top quickly requires a wetsuit ~30 feet under. Trust me, nothing will ruin a dive or snorkel session quicker than becoming cold.

A wetsuit or rash top also keeps any jellyfish or floating matter from direct contact with the skin. Kids will also benefit as most wetsuits and tops add buoyancy and will keep your child warm and using less effort to continue snorkeling!

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Product ImageBrand/TypePros / ConsBest For:PriceRating
best diving wetsuitU.S. Divers Full Adult Wetsuit-Multiple sizes
-Multiple colors
-Great basic suit
-Check sizes!
Scuba Diving and snorkeling relatively warm water$$5/5
best skinsuit for divingLycra Full Body Diving Suit -Full body coverage
-Front zipper for easy on/off
-Not for super cold water
Light protection. Basically a cover up but good for warmer dives$4.5/5
warmest scuba suitO'Neill Wetsuit Mens 3/2mm Reactor Full Suit-Best brand on the market
-Very warm and still flexible
-Amazing reviews
-Little more pricey
Best suit for staying warm and protected. 3/2 thickness will cover most dives.$$$5/5
best womans wetsuitO'Neill Dive Wetsuits Womens 3 mm Explore Full SuitWomen's version of the above suit
-"Firewall" chest for warmth
-Great for all activities
-3m for warmth
Great for scuba, snorkel, swimming, surfing.$$$5/5
ripcurl wetsuit for divingRip Curl Dawn Patrol Back Zip 3/2 GB Wetsuit-Great brand I own 3 of
-3/2 for extra warmth
-Hydro lock collar to keep water out
-Back zip style may bother some users
-Three colors
Diving, snorkeling, surfing in chilly water or destinations with a decent thermocline$$4.7/5
best springsuit for divingRip Curl Women's Dawn Patrol Long Sleeve Spring Suit-Great for warm water and basic protection
-Small key pocket
-Leg length a bit longer than photo
-check sizes
Protection for diving in warm water or simply staying warm. Highly recommend for tropical diving$$4.5/5
best mens springsuitO'Neill Wetsuits Mens 2mm Reactor Spring Suit-O'neil makes great suits
-Good thickness for warm water diving
-Check sizing
-Awesome bang for you buck
-Hidden key pocket
Any water activity where you could get chilly. $5/5
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