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Stay Dry. No Matter What.

Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkelbest snorkel on the market

I have had my share of leaky and less than well made snorkels. Luckily, one of my favorite brands shines once again with the best snorkel on the market. In-depth review below, but for those on a time-crunch:

  • Dry Top Technology

  • Multiple color choices (12)

  • Smooth Lower Bore to keep water out

  • Multi-use : Scuba, Spear, Freediving

  • Anti-Splash Top

Many snorkels on the market will have one or two good features, but lack  necessary components to be the perfect snorkel. I am happy to announce this snorkel encompasses everything and at an awesome price.

buy the best snorkel available

Features and Price Point 

If you have never dove with a dry snorkel, you are missing out. Going under without having to worry about purging out a snorkels worth of water is something that is easy to get used to! Trust me, you will love this feature and spending the extra dollar to have its worth the investment.

Speaking of investment, this is a VERY affordable snorkel. There are some “high-end” snorkels out there, but trust me when I say they are just up-selling the same features you will find in the Cressi. To be dry, have a cover, flexible hose, and have color options is tough to beat.

Color wise, I think it is awesome that there are 12 color choices to decide on. Perfect for a family looking to buy more than one and would like to be able to tell them apart. My personal favorite is the black and red!

Should I Buy?

If you are looking for a feature rich, brand trusted, dependable snorkel to complement you gear, I say yes. It will be tough to find a better snorkel for the price and I would say this is easily the best snorkel on the market.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. It is an affiliate link, but I know my snorkels and this is a good buy.

buy the best snorkel available


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  1. Edgar says:

    dear sir,
    I read somewhere, in Amazon’s questions/stars rating etc. that the Cressi Alpha dry snorkel is a better buy than the Super nova dry kind. Is that true? any major concerns? (aside that the latter is made in China)
    thank you,

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