Best Scuba Dive Fins 2017

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Want the best scuba dive fin of 2017 without reading a ton of reviews?

ScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Finsbest scuba dive fin of 2017

Ready for a fin that looks modern and puts out a ton of power? Scubapro’s Seawing Gorilla fins checks off both of these boxes and more!

  • Open backed fins with bungee straps for convenience and comfort

  • Vented blades for extra propulsion

  • Articulated joint pivot for extra thrust in the water without extra effort thus reducing the likelihood of leg cramps.

  • Lightweight – good for travel and positively buoyant in the water unlike other high propulsion fins.

  • Comes in three colors: black, graphite (grey) and orange.

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These fins are very popular as Scubapro is considered one of the most popular brands of scuba gear. As the name of the fins might suggests….you will have “gorilla-like” strength when kicking in or under the water! At a quick glance one can see that these are open backed fins. These types of fins are best used with booties which will give you a more comfortable fit around the foot pocket area and lessens the likelihood of any ankle injuries. Bungee straps are attached to these fins to keep your feet firmly in place.

Bungee Straps?gorilla bungee strap

Other fins on the market often have click release straps that often come undone during a dive and need to be readjusted which can be quite cumbersome underwater. Bungee straps are very useful for ease of use when putting on or taking off fins and I personally prefer them when doing shorter dives. Quicker donning and removing time means more time in the water and less waiting time to get back on the boat!

The Blade

As we move down to the blade of the fin… we can see that the fins are split and held together by two hinges. The idea behind this is that the hinges allow an extra bit of stiffness and “snap” which gives extra propulsion without any extra work! Leg cramps are never your friend in the water so this extra power can be criticial to having fun.

It is worth noting that these fins are made from monoprene with a special additive to make the fins a little stiffer than its predecessor the standard Gorilla Novas. Vents can also be seen on the bottom half of the fins and allow the water to be propelled behind you thus causing you to move forward faster. This is especially useful on a surface swim!

Weight and Colorbest dive fin review 2017

Finally these fins are lightweight especially when compared to other propulsion fins such as jet fins which are negatively buoyant. Lightweight fins are a positive as they will add less weight to your luggage.  Several users noted that these fins are a little shorter than standard fins making it easier to fit the fins in their gear bag. The Seawings in come in three colors: black, graphite (grey) and orange. I recommend the orange to stay seen on and under the water!

Are these fins worth buying?

I own a pair so yes!  I prefer open backed fins and as cliché as it sounds: a good pair of fins will change the way you dive. A good pair of fins can have a positive knock on effect on your buoyancy making it more comfortable to move under the water. This in turn will decrease  your air consumption potentially giving you more bottom time. I would recommend these fins as a first pair of fins for a dive-master in training, a pair of back up fins for an instructor, or a travel guru looking for a lightweight set to carry on. These fins are a good pair to have on hand on a day where there might be a strong current on the surface or underwater.


ScubaPro Seawing Gorilla Fins


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