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Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Finsbest freediving fins photo

Freediving is growing rapidly and so are the options available. I have owned these fins for over two years and can comfortably say they are the best freedive fins on the market. A quick look:

  • Comfortable foot pocket

  • Perfect mix of stiffness/flexibility

  • Side ribs for optimized water flow

  • Respected brand name

  • 3 Colors

best freediving fins on the market

Growing up freediving, I have had the privilege to try out tons of freedive fins on the market. I like to consider the Mares instinct Pro’s as the the perfect fit in a “Goldilocks” story. The Riffe fins were too stiff and the Cressi fins were too soft. It is a tough battle between optimal thrust per kick and not having warn out calves after two dives!

Responsive and Comfortable

Comfort can be tough to find when your foot is in a fin pocket, luckily I have never had an issues with these fins. I would however recommended fin socks and adjust your size according to a few reviews. The Mares Instincts quickly feel like an extension of your body and will have you powering through the water with minimal effort.

It is also rare to find freediving fins with 3 colors to choose from including Camo Green, black, and my favorite green camouflage.

Power Driven

These fins have noticeable stringers which run up the sides “which channel the water flow”…also known as make you go faster. I use these for both basic apnea and for spearfishing and have never had any trouble getting to the bottom or breaking personal depth records.

They may seem semi-stiff at first, but after an initial break-in period, mine quickly found that perfect mix of power and flex and I can now dive all day without worrying about warn out legs.

So Should I Buy?

Yes. No questions asked. One of the best products I have ever owned and they are as solid as the day I bought them. Easily the best freediving fins on the market via my experience. Feel free to comment if you have any questions for me about the fins.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. It is an affiliate link, but I can’t get by in words how happy I am with these fins so trust me on this one.

best freediving fins on the market


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