Best Dry Waterproof Bag 2016

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Want to know the best waterproof bag without sorting through a ton of reviews? 

DryCase Masonboro Waterproof Backpack
dry case waterproof backpackMade by the same company who revolutionized waterproof phone cases…the DryCase Backpack features:

  • 30 Liter Carrying Capacity

  • Well built/durable material

  • Purge valve for excess air

  • Doubles as cooler/shower

  • Perfect for diving, hunting, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more

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Need Convincing? Let’s take a look


DryCase is ahead of their time with this bag. The purge valve alone is worth the price of admission. Being able to empty out excess air is perfect for keeping the pack compact even when full of gear. The purge valve also means you can keep ice in the pack and use it as a cooler, or fill the bag with water and take a shower!

The extra pockets on the outside are perfect for your waterproof gear and there are plenty of places to attach gear as well as a water bottle holder. The mesh gear pocket is a nice touch and hold up well over time.

Personal Experience

I own this bag and have brought it on surf and dive trips and have never had an issue with my gear staying dry. This is the best waterproof backpack in my opinion and has more than enough room for a towel, gear, or even a laptop. I personally have found this to be the best dry bag for kayaking as well as the best dry bag for dive trips.

The DryCase bag is versatile and I have used the bag for the following activities so far:

  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hunting
  • Surf trips
  • White water rafting
  • Dive trips
  • Doubling as a cooler

Should I Buy?

I am a big fan of this bag and have never been let down. The bag is highly reviewed and is made by a trusted name in the waterproof gear arena. For those into hunting, be sure to check out the DryCase Brunswick Camo Bag as well.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and buy. Yes, this is an affiliate link, but I highly recommend this bag to anyone who lives a water-based lifestyle.Buy now

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