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Snorkel Gear Review #1 Dive Mask 

Sometimes there is just an easy answer for the broad question: What is the best overall dive mask?

Kraken Aquatics Adult Dive Mask with Silicone Skirt and Strap 

For those best overall dive mask photowho want the best,and do not want to sort through the many niche masks flooding the market, this the best dive mask for you. If you are looking for a full snorkel mask combo, click here. Let’s take a quick look at why this dive mask from Kraken Aquatics is my number one choice for the efficient shopper:

  • Best multi-purpose mask: Scuba, Snorkel, Pool, etc

  • Durable: Tempered glass

  • Very affordable

  • Flexible silicone for perfect no-leak fit

  • Proven quality and well reviewed

best dive mask

So…what does it take to be the #1 pick on a site dedicated to snorkel gear?

I like to think most my readers are on a budget who aren’t going to go spend over $200 on a mask (if you are though, here is an awesome one). This being said, it is tough to beat a well reviewed, time tested, affordable mask.

1. Good Materials

For the price, this is easily the best full face dive mask on the market in terms of build quality. The flexible silicon will fit almost any face, will not leak, and is very comfy over long periods of time. The tempered lens will not scratch or shatter and is built for tough use such as being tossed in and out of dive bags.

I also appreciate the buckle system for the strap. Many masks have cheap locks which make for tough adjustments, this one does not. Adjusting is easy and the buckle system will keep the mask secure.

2. Multi-purpose Design

We live in an increasingly niche world. Sometimes it is nice to see as mask that can be used in every situation. Whether you are freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, playing in the pool ,water polo, or even spearfishing…this is a tough mask to beat.

The one piece lens helps keep a wide open field of view which is perfect for scuba and spearfishing. Also per the reviews, it is a pretty low volume mask which is perfect for freediving equalization. I love freediving and have borrowed this mask before and had no issues getting to the bottom.

3. Well Reviewed

Yes, I write reviews on products, but is hard to beat a well reviewed product on Amazon. I can attest all day that a silicone frame, tempered glass, and durable materials are worth the buy alone…but it never hurts to be backed by over 130 reviews and still be sitting at 5 stars.

Should I Buy?

I say yes. If all you need is a simple mask that will do the job…no questions asked…this is it. I have sorted through hundreds of niche masks to find the best dive mask at an afforable price, and the Kraken Dive Mask is hard to beat.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. This is an affiliate link, but I would not recommend or review anything I wouldn’t buy myself or have not tried, so you are in good hands!

P.S. here is the snorkel that would go well with this mask. 

best dive mask

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