Best Beginner Speargun 2017 Review

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Want to get into spearfishing but don’t know where to start? 

AB Biller Wood Speargun Kit  beginner speargun (Full Review Below)
The perfect starter gun for anyone looking to dive into spearfishing. From the respected AB Biller, this gun features:

  • 7 Gun Lengths to choose from

  • Full kit including Gun, Shaft, Tip, and Bands

  • Beautiful wood finish

  • Easily Customizable

  • Easy to reload, change speartips, and shoot!

first speargun

A Closer Look at the AB Biller Spearfishing Kit

If you are just getting into spearfishing, first off congrats! It is one of the most rewarding sports and will quickly turn from a hobby into a lifetime passion. Choosing the right first gun can seem like a daunting task, but trust me on this recommendation as the AB Biller will not disappoint.

The first thing to consider when buying your gun is deciding what type of fish and diving you will be doing. Luckily the AB Biller comes in 24, 32,36,42,48, 54, and 60 inch models so you are covered regardless of what you are hunting! For freediving near rocks, piers, or jetties…anything in the 24-36″ range will work perfectly. Once you are looking at scuba or advanced freediving, 42 and above will be what you need and consider upgrading to a reel such as this one.

Why Wood?

AB Biller is famous for their wood finishes and they truly do look amazing. They also make for a nice light gun that is neutrally buoyant once shot so you do not have to worry about your line getting tangled in your fins. Also if taken care of properly, these guns last way longer than their metal counterparts. I’ve seen 10-15 year old guns function and look practically new.

I own the 36″ version and can attest that they are built to last and I have speared many a dinner off the jetties. Just be sure to address any chips or dings early and you will keep the wood looking great!

Choosing the Right Beginner Speargun : My Recommendation

Unless you will be freediving 80-100 feet down and need a big gun, which I will assume if you are new you will not need….I would highly recommend the 36″ model. This model is:

  • Affordable
  • Easily maneuverable around rocks and small areas
  • Still packs enough power shoot big fish
  • Perfect for learning
  • Personally owned and love it

AB Biller makes a great gun and as you can see, is loaded with features and will get you on your first fish. If you have any particular questions about the gun, shoot me an email and I can get it answered.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and buy. Yes this is an affiliate link, but I love this gun and would not recommend a product I do not belive is the best!

best beginner speargun review

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