Best Freediving Snorkel Combo 2018

Mares Freediving Fin Mask Snorkel Set Review

Finally! The freediving world has long been in need of a buy-and-start solution to the sport and Mares has stepped up to the plate with the Mares Razor Freediving Set. Let’s take a look at each individual component of this setup and break down why it is a great starter kit for anyone looking to jump right into freediving set

What Is Included

This package technically has everything you need to get started freediving. While there are a few extra items I will recommend later…the main components include:

Mares has teamed up with Phantom Aquatics to include a mask and snorkel combo that is actually quite a deal. While there are always upgrades, the overall package itself is perfect for anyone looking to get started.

Mare Razor Long Blade Full Foot Fins

One of the reasons this combo is great for beginners is dude to Mares specifically formulated “Razor” fins which are ~30% softer in the blade than the Pro version. While this technically decreases overall power, it also prevents fatigue and allows for longer intervals of surface kicking without being completely worn out. This is perfect for those new to the sport who will not be going 80+ feet right off the bat and will may use the fins to double as snorkeling freediving combo

The Razors are also some of the lightest fins on the market making them great for travel. The last two features with the fin are the V at the end of the blade and a full foot pocket. The “V” keep water flowing through the center of the fin and keeps your foot from slipping side to the side. I would recommend a pair of fin socks to go along with these fins to get the fit just right!

Mares Long Blade Fin Bag

Measuring out at 37″x 10″ x 3′, this bag will easily hold this combo as well as any extra gear you happen to bring along. An external pouch for your mask/snorkel or any other necessities and a carrying strap make this a perfect case. At 37 inches long, this will also most likely whatever fins you end up with next including the Mares Pros.

Phantom Aquatics Freediving Mask best freediving mask review

When it comes to choosing a dedicated freediving mask, you primarily look for two things: Low volume and a wide field of view. Luckily, the Phantom Aquatics mask has both of these features and more. This mask is built wide for maximum visibility which is great for any spearfishing you may undertake on your freedive. The other component, low volume, is a big factor when it comes to purging air and equalization on the way down. The smaller the amount of air in your mask, the easier it will be to clear which is a crucial step in conserving energy on deeper dives.

The mask comes in two colors (black and clear) for anyone looking for some customization and is generally bought as a combo. I have owned this mask before and never experienced any issues. Consider buying a fog proofing spray if you find that you experience this issue in previous dives. The silicone material pretty much guarantees a fit for any size face or head so I was impressed such a  versatile mask was included in the combo.

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel

Last in the set is the Dry Snorkel. Being one of the highest rated snorkels and having over 11 colors makes this one a pretty easy choice. This snorkel features a dry top which allows air to come in, but keeps water out. Perfect for a beginner or simply hassle-free snorkeling experience. One feature I love about this snorkel is the self draining chamber at the bottom. Combined with the overall length of 18 inches, this is a hard snorkel to beat and a great addition to the overall combo.

Final Thoughts And Should You Buy?

Running a snorkel review site, I see a lot of combos come across the table but very few meet my standards. However, for a best overall freediving combo, this is tough to beat. I love anything Mares and Phantom is known for their gear. I would highly recommend this set to anyone just starting freediving, giving a gift, or looking for a turnkey solution.

Freediving combo

Other Recommended Products For Freedivers

The freediving combo above is a great start for any freediver getting started. However, there are a few other items worth considering. Below is a quick list of some of my favorite gear with links. Enjoy!

  1. Weight Belt: Crucial for being able to get deep faster! Here is a link to my current favorite from Riffe, up to you though on belt material.
  2. Wet Suit: Hitting the thermo-cline is COLD! Luckily, I have a whole post on the best wetsuits currently available here.
  3. Dive Knife: Why? I just feel naked without one and once you get into spearfishing you will need one anyway. Full post on knives here.

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