Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins Review

I have owned 3 pairs of Mares Instinct Pros so I can comfortably say, this is a top-notch product. Regardless of whether you are  an experienced free diver  or just getting started, lets take a look at why these are some of the most popular free dive fins in the world! Full review below…

mares instinct pro dive finsMares Instinct Pro Freedive Fins

  • Semi-Rigid For Great Power and Durability

  • Comfortable Foot Pocket for Long Sessions

  • Two Colors to Choose From (Camo + Black)

  • Light Weight Yet Tough

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What makes this a great free dive fin?

With tons of players entering the free dive market, it takes a remarkable fin to stay around as long as the Mares Instinct series. This particular fin is the combination of years of consumer feedback and finding out exactly what works. I personally chose these as my primary dive fins and can attest to the technology that these fins boast.


The fin has a lateral stringer that extends down the length of the fin and offers power and stiffness, while also being flexible enough to not wear out your legs. This is crucial for freedivers and spearfisherman alike, as tiredness can quickly end your dive trip. This stiffness also equates to responsiveness which is what you need to get down fast!


There are plenty of fins out there that go well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Luckily, these fins stay well within a budget price range and will do the trick. I still have the first pair I ever bough so they will last as long as you take care of them. Mares is also famous for their fins so your fins are in good hands.

mares instinct pro reviewFinal Suggestions

The Mares Instinct series do run a little big, so I highly recommend buying a pair of fin socks such as these to go along with your fins to keep them snug! I also suggest trying the fins out in a pool to get a feel for the power of the fins.

Should I Buy?

Click here to purchase on Amazon, yes it is an affiliate link but I love these fins and have freedive for years with them! Let me know if you have any particular questions about these freedive fins.