Top 5 Scuba and Snorkeling Forums

Scuba diving and snorkeling are VERY social sports and it is always rewarding to be able to share ideas, discuss equipment, and talk about your favorite dives. I personally am involved in 3-5 forums and constantly gain ideas of what gear to review on the site. So which is the best scuba forum?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 snorkel and scuba dive forums currently active today.

1. Scuba Board Community best scuba forum

Scuba Board is a very active forum with plenty of different categories including one dedicated to snorkeling and freediving! Pretty much any question you can think of can be answered by a whole community of scuba professionals.

Favorite Areas: Vintage Equipment Diving and Freediving 

2. Scuba Diving Forum

Not quite as active as the first board, however there are some really great threads in these forums. Great place for beginners to ask out there questions as well as advanced users to get specifics of locations.

Favorite areas: The Archives are actually really cool!

3. Deeper Blue Forums

Probably the most well constructed scuba diver forum, Deeper Blue has a section for everything. Geared a little heavier towards being a freediving forum and spearfishing forum, you will also find plenty of scuba tips and tricks as well. Also features a pretty solid buy/sell gear area.

Favorite Areas: Recipes and Cooking and Beginner Freediving

4. The Dive Forum

A very clean and user friendly forum, I have seen activity slow down recently. However, there are still plenty of useful posts archived and just keep an eye on last posted trends to see which threads are active. Tons of categories and threads to check out including a buy/sell board.

Favorite Areas: Natural Side of the Underwater World

5. Scuba Toys Forum

This forum covers tons of topics related to diving and also breaks down all sorts of gear. There are plenty of dead areas to the forums, but there is plenty of good information to be found.

Favorite Area: Hunting and Gathering

I prefer the first few forums on this list for my own uses. I have used these forums to buy gear, grab recipes, and even find diver partners for offshore trips! Do you have a favorite scuba forum? Let us know!

Best Dry Waterproof Bags of 2018

Being out on the water snorkeling or scuba diving means you need to protect you gear. Over the past few years, tons of waterproof bags, waterproof duffels, and waterproof cases have hit the market and sorting through the best can be a chore. Luckily, I have tested or at least have first hand experience with each of the bags reviewed below. Let’s take a look at what to look for when picking out a bag.

What to look for in a waterproof bag?


Will you be using your bag as a simple beach bag or will your laptop and towel have to fit in there as well? Many dry bags will only fit a few small items and are great for a quick boat ride while others can hold a laptop and more. When in doubt, I would recommend going with a larger bag as it is better to have too much room than too little.

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Do you need protection from rain or will you possibly be throwing your bag of a boat and floating it to shore? I have been in both situations, and always feel more confident about my water-sensitive gear when a bag is rated as waterproof. While water resistant is nice for splashes, any serious diver or snorkeler should have a 100% waterproof bag in their arsenal.

Intended Use

I bring this up a lot in my reviews, but it is the most important factor when deciding on a bag. Do you need a full backpack with straps for long days? Or is a duffle bag necessary? I prefer a backpack as it is versatile and usually falls into the high end of storage capacity. However, if you just need to throw your phone, keys, and wallet into a bag on the boat…a small airtight model works well!

Time crunch? Check out my #1 pick for waterproof bags!

Product ImageBrand/ModelPros/ConsPriceRating
drycase waterproof backpackDryCASE Masonboro 35 Liter Waterproof Adventure Backpack-35 Liter Capacity
-2 Way Purge valve
-Plenty of places to attach gear
-Can double as a cooler or shower
watershed colorado duffel bagWatershed Colorado Duffel Bag-Massive 108L capacity
-Great for river trips or similar
-100% Waterproof
-Used by Pros
-May be too large for your use
Outdoor Waterproof Dry SackOutdoor Waterproof Dry Sack-Comes in 10L and 20L
-Smaller for small trips
-Thick tarp material
-May be too small for some uses
Waterproof Dry Bags by OdysseyWaterproof Dry Bags by Odyssey-Small and convient
-10L and 20L option
-Shoulder strap included
-Perfect beach bag
-May be too small for some users
Voli Dry Bag Backpack 20LVoli Dry Bag Backpack 20L-Super easy to carry
-3 color choices
-Good midsize bag
-Outside pouch not waterproof
Cressi Dry Bag,Cressi Dry Bag-Great brand name
-5L or 10L size
-Good for small items
-May be too small for some users

It comes down to what you plan on using the dry bag for and size. I prefer a backpack that can double as a cooler such as the DryCase Masonboro pack. I currently own two of these and they have never let me down. Have any of you own waterproof gear? Let me know in the comments!

Best Dry Waterproof Bag 2016

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Want to know the best waterproof bag without sorting through a ton of reviews? 

DryCase Masonboro Waterproof Backpack
dry case waterproof backpackMade by the same company who revolutionized waterproof phone cases…the DryCase Backpack features:

  • 30 Liter Carrying Capacity

  • Well built/durable material

  • Purge valve for excess air

  • Doubles as cooler/shower

  • Perfect for diving, hunting, kayaking, paddle boarding, and more

Buy now




Need Convincing? Let’s take a look


DryCase is ahead of their time with this bag. The purge valve alone is worth the price of admission. Being able to empty out excess air is perfect for keeping the pack compact even when full of gear. The purge valve also means you can keep ice in the pack and use it as a cooler, or fill the bag with water and take a shower!

The extra pockets on the outside are perfect for your waterproof gear and there are plenty of places to attach gear as well as a water bottle holder. The mesh gear pocket is a nice touch and hold up well over time.

Personal Experience

I own this bag and have brought it on surf and dive trips and have never had an issue with my gear staying dry. This is the best waterproof backpack in my opinion and has more than enough room for a towel, gear, or even a laptop. I personally have found this to be the best dry bag for kayaking as well as the best dry bag for dive trips.

The DryCase bag is versatile and I have used the bag for the following activities so far:

  • Kayaking
  • Paddleboarding
  • Hunting
  • Surf trips
  • White water rafting
  • Dive trips
  • Doubling as a cooler

Should I Buy?

I am a big fan of this bag and have never been let down. The bag is highly reviewed and is made by a trusted name in the waterproof gear arena. For those into hunting, be sure to check out the DryCase Brunswick Camo Bag as well.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and buy. Yes, this is an affiliate link, but I highly recommend this bag to anyone who lives a water-based lifestyle.Buy now