Best Dive Light for Snorkeling or Scuba Diving 2017

Bringing a dive light can change your whole perspective on diving! While they are obviously needed for a night dive, having a great dive light can bring out colors and reveal a hidden world you may have otherwise missed.

If you remember from dive class, colors start to fade the deeper you go, with red disappearing first. A dive light, even in shallow water, is an awesome tool for bringing back the color and is also good for safety. Come up from a night dive far from the boat? Dive light to the rescue. Want to see what is inside that shipwreck?* Dive light to the rescue!

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Each of the dive lights in the table below are AT LEAST up to my standard and I have tested more than I care to mention. Below the table is more information on choosing the right dive light. Be sure to comment if you have any questions about choosing the best dive light!

Product ImageBrand/ModelPro/ConBrightnessPrice
best dive light photoUK SL4 eLED L1 Dive Light+LED
+SGR #1 Pick
-May prefer bigger/wider beam
400 Lumens$$
best dive light 2 Princeton Tec Nav Pack Dive Lights+Covers all sizes
+3 Color Choices
+Very bright lights
+Good battery life
+Pistol grip is a great feature
-May be overkill
700/280/45 Lumens Respectively $$$$
best dive light 3 Dorcy 41-1467 Dive II Submersible Anti-Corrosion LED Diving Flashlight+Twist top for easy on/off
+100 m depth
+LED technology
+8 Hour battery life
-May need to replace lanyard
220 Lumens$
Light and Motion Sola Dive Light 800Light and Motion Sola Dive Light 800+Incredibly bright
+Well designed and highly reviewed
+Hand-sock holder
+Great for photography
800 lumen flood 500 lumen spot$$$$$
best dive light 4Tovatec Aluminum Torch Flashlight+Compact, good secondary
+Narrow beam for spotting
+400 foot depth rating
+- Narrow beam
-Limited (3 hours) battery life
220 lumens$$
best dive light 5Bigblue CF 250 Focusable Blue LED Light with Goodman Style Glove+Led
+Wrist strap
+Focusable beam
+Magnetic switch
250 Lumen$$

So what makes for the best dive light?

The main things to consider when choosing a dive light are:

  1. Beam Brightness and angle

  2. Primary or Secondary Light

  3. Intended Use

1. Beam Brightness

At the end of the day, the brighter the light the better. For night dives, you are definitely going to want as many lumens as possible lighting up all the creatures of the night. For angle, a wide angle is great for generic dives that you need a wide area lit up and will not be exploring any wrecks or tight spaces. A narrow angle is ideal for exploring, looking at specific objects, and for signaling. I prefer a narrow angle as I like to hone in on a specific piece of reef and see all the little creatures that emerge. Many dive lights have multiple setting levels which is perfect for saving battery late into a dive.

2. Primary or Secondary Light

For most snorkelers, a secondary light will be all you ever need. Primary lights are large and are great for night diving, having long burn times, and light up a very large area. I own a few of each, but find myself bringing my smaller more compact secondary light on most every dive, and only bring my Primary for night dives and finding lobster. For the average diver or snorkeler, a secondary small light is all you will ever need. However, bigger can be better if you really want to light up the whole reef on your dive!

3. Intended Use

Do you plan on night diving for hours? Or simply snorkeling a reef and would like some extra light to see missing colors or into a few dark holes? For most people a medium size light that is well reviewed is perfect. I have used both large and small and regardless of whether I am freediving, snorkeling, or scuba diving, I like a medium size and compact light.

So what are you waiting for! Go ahead and take a look at the lights above and make an informed decision based on your needs. I own both a primary and secondary light but find my self often using my secondary as my main dive light. Good luck and stay bright!


Best Dive Light

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Pick

Light up your world with the best dive light!

UK SL4 eLED L1 Dive Light

This is one of the best, and most used dive lights in the world:best dive light photo

  • 10 hours of burn time

  • 400 Lumens (brightness)

  • Waterproof to 500 ft

  • Great Reviews

  • Very Durable

Buy now

I own two of these and they have outlasted all of my other dive lights. With over 100 reviews, the UK SL4 eLED L1 Dive light is the best dive light on the market for beginning, or experienced, divers , snorkelers, and enthusiast. While technically a “secondary light”, I have used this as my sole dive light on many a dive.

Need Convincing? Let’s take a look at the details… 


Coming in at 400 lumens, this dive light is plenty bright for the average diver.The beam is a LED is very very bright and you will have no trouble seeing under ledges or penetrating wrecks. I have used light on a night dive as my primary and had no issues.

Size and Burn Time

Coming in at just over 15 ounces, this is a very compact light which won’t hog bag space, or weigh down your gear. Attaches easily to a BC, or your wrist, and fits in the hand very well. My gear gets put through the ringer once in awhile and this light has never given me a single issue.  I will say it again, 10 hours of burn time is amazing! While it is always a good idea to bring extra batteries, this will be the least of your worries even on a multiple day dive trip. This particular model takes C batteries and stay bright until the end.

Should I Buy?

This is easily one of the most popular and most dependable dive lights on the market. There are plenty of other options out there, but I personally will always have this light in my bag.

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Best Freediving Fins

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Freediving Fins

Go Deeper With Less Effort

Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Finsbest freediving fins photo

Freediving is growing rapidly and so are the options available. I have owned these fins for over two years and can comfortably say they are the best freedive fins on the market. A quick look:

  • Comfortable foot pocket

  • Perfect mix of stiffness/flexibility

  • Side ribs for optimized water flow

  • Respected brand name

  • 3 Colors

best freediving fins on the market

Growing up freediving, I have had the privilege to try out tons of freedive fins on the market. I like to consider the Mares instinct Pro’s as the the perfect fit in a “Goldilocks” story. The Riffe fins were too stiff and the Cressi fins were too soft. It is a tough battle between optimal thrust per kick and not having warn out calves after two dives!

Responsive and Comfortable

Comfort can be tough to find when your foot is in a fin pocket, luckily I have never had an issues with these fins. I would however recommended fin socks and adjust your size according to a few reviews. The Mares Instincts quickly feel like an extension of your body and will have you powering through the water with minimal effort.

It is also rare to find freediving fins with 3 colors to choose from including Camo Green, black, and my favorite green camouflage.

Power Driven

These fins have noticeable stringers which run up the sides “which channel the water flow”…also known as make you go faster. I use these for both basic apnea and for spearfishing and have never had any trouble getting to the bottom or breaking personal depth records.

They may seem semi-stiff at first, but after an initial break-in period, mine quickly found that perfect mix of power and flex and I can now dive all day without worrying about warn out legs.

So Should I Buy?

Yes. No questions asked. One of the best products I have ever owned and they are as solid as the day I bought them. Easily the best freediving fins on the market via my experience. Feel free to comment if you have any questions for me about the fins.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. It is an affiliate link, but I can’t get by in words how happy I am with these fins so trust me on this one.

best freediving fins on the market


Best Snorkel on the Market

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Snorkel

Stay Dry. No Matter What.

Cressi Supernova Dry Snorkelbest snorkel on the market

I have had my share of leaky and less than well made snorkels. Luckily, one of my favorite brands shines once again with the best snorkel on the market. In-depth review below, but for those on a time-crunch:

  • Dry Top Technology

  • Multiple color choices (12)

  • Smooth Lower Bore to keep water out

  • Multi-use : Scuba, Spear, Freediving

  • Anti-Splash Top

Many snorkels on the market will have one or two good features, but lack  necessary components to be the perfect snorkel. I am happy to announce this snorkel encompasses everything and at an awesome price.

buy the best snorkel available

Features and Price Point 

If you have never dove with a dry snorkel, you are missing out. Going under without having to worry about purging out a snorkels worth of water is something that is easy to get used to! Trust me, you will love this feature and spending the extra dollar to have its worth the investment.

Speaking of investment, this is a VERY affordable snorkel. There are some “high-end” snorkels out there, but trust me when I say they are just up-selling the same features you will find in the Cressi. To be dry, have a cover, flexible hose, and have color options is tough to beat.

Color wise, I think it is awesome that there are 12 color choices to decide on. Perfect for a family looking to buy more than one and would like to be able to tell them apart. My personal favorite is the black and red!

Should I Buy?

If you are looking for a feature rich, brand trusted, dependable snorkel to complement you gear, I say yes. It will be tough to find a better snorkel for the price and I would say this is easily the best snorkel on the market.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. It is an affiliate link, but I know my snorkels and this is a good buy.

buy the best snorkel available


Best Dive Mask | For Scuba, Snorkel, or Spearfishing

Snorkel Gear Review #1 Dive Mask 

Sometimes there is just an easy answer for the broad question: What is the best overall dive mask?

Kraken Aquatics Adult Dive Mask with Silicone Skirt and Strap 

For those best overall dive mask photowho want the best,and do not want to sort through the many niche masks flooding the market, this the best dive mask for you. If you are looking for a full snorkel mask combo, click here. Let’s take a quick look at why this dive mask from Kraken Aquatics is my number one choice for the efficient shopper:

  • Best multi-purpose mask: Scuba, Snorkel, Pool, etc

  • Durable: Tempered glass

  • Very affordable

  • Flexible silicone for perfect no-leak fit

  • Proven quality and well reviewed

best dive mask

So…what does it take to be the #1 pick on a site dedicated to snorkel gear?

I like to think most my readers are on a budget who aren’t going to go spend over $200 on a mask (if you are though, here is an awesome one). This being said, it is tough to beat a well reviewed, time tested, affordable mask.

1. Good Materials

For the price, this is easily the best full face dive mask on the market in terms of build quality. The flexible silicon will fit almost any face, will not leak, and is very comfy over long periods of time. The tempered lens will not scratch or shatter and is built for tough use such as being tossed in and out of dive bags.

I also appreciate the buckle system for the strap. Many masks have cheap locks which make for tough adjustments, this one does not. Adjusting is easy and the buckle system will keep the mask secure.

2. Multi-purpose Design

We live in an increasingly niche world. Sometimes it is nice to see as mask that can be used in every situation. Whether you are freediving, scuba diving, snorkeling, playing in the pool ,water polo, or even spearfishing…this is a tough mask to beat.

The one piece lens helps keep a wide open field of view which is perfect for scuba and spearfishing. Also per the reviews, it is a pretty low volume mask which is perfect for freediving equalization. I love freediving and have borrowed this mask before and had no issues getting to the bottom.

3. Well Reviewed

Yes, I write reviews on products, but is hard to beat a well reviewed product on Amazon. I can attest all day that a silicone frame, tempered glass, and durable materials are worth the buy alone…but it never hurts to be backed by over 130 reviews and still be sitting at 5 stars.

Should I Buy?

I say yes. If all you need is a simple mask that will do the job…no questions asked…this is it. I have sorted through hundreds of niche masks to find the best dive mask at an afforable price, and the Kraken Dive Mask is hard to beat.

Click here or the big button below to head over to Amazon and take a closer look. This is an affiliate link, but I would not recommend or review anything I wouldn’t buy myself or have not tried, so you are in good hands!

P.S. here is the snorkel that would go well with this mask. 

best dive mask