Best Freediving Fins 2018 Reviews

Mares freediving finsFreediving is one of my favorite sports in the world. While off the coast of Vietnam, I trained for three days and set my own PR’s three days in a row! However, when I came home and started searching for a new pair of fins, I quickly realized there were not too many great opinions on the multiple shapes, sizes, stiffness, and types of freediving fins. So without going into insane detail, I will simply start off with a few that I have used and include details inside. Let’s get started!

1. Mares Instinct Pro Polytec Spearfishing Fins

If you are a beginner, or simply do not want to break the budget, these fins are perfect. I had these fins for close to three years before they were unfortunately stolen. If you go here and read the product description, they make it sound like rocket science, however all they are saying is these fins are very good at channeling water to create maximum power.

Few personal tips for the Mares Instinct Pros:

  • Be sure to grab fin socks if you decide on these fins as they tend to run large.
  • These fins are quite stiff but will get you down quick!
  • Let me repeat, these fins require leg strength but I prefer stiff fins.

2. Cressi Gara Professional LD Grey Scuba Diving FinCressi freedive fin

Don’t let the “scuba” portion of the title fool you, these are great freediving fins! In my opinion, Cressi and Mares are the two ways to go in the freediving world though I will include a couple other brands in this list. Once again, the description on these, “new engineering plastic is less reactive and nervous than the Compoflex”, is full of wonderfully complex adjectives most of us do not care about.

In short, the Cressi Gara Fins fins are more fluid and can be used for  freediving, spearfishing, and scuba diving. Long blades, mid to high level stiffness, and a well designed foot pocket allow for solid thrust without heavy effort. These can be a little pricey, but 5 stars after 20 reviews shows they are worth the extra dollar!

3. Cressi Men’s Gara 3000 LD Long-DistanCressi freedive finsce Long Blade Diving Fins

Similar, but easier on the effort than the fins above, the Cressi Gara 3000 LD’s offer a softer blade at a solid price. While fin socks are not as needed with this model, I always prefer to dive with them as I hate even the thought of a blister.

Long and softer fins make for easy propulsion and the description says best in “cold water.” However, these will work in any temperature. For the price, these are a good bet for the slightly experienced or new diver. Coming from Cressi, quality will not be an issue. Just be sure to take a close look at sizing as some reviewers lean towards fin socks, while other do not!

4. SEAC Shout S1000 Diving Fins Free diving fin review

Let’s take a quick step away from my favorite brands. If you are looking to go FAST, these are the fins for you. “The 22-degree blade angle fits the anatomically correct natural angle of the foot and leg for optimal performance with less effort.” What does this mean for you? You can go fast, for a long time, and not have your legs be complete noodles.

I have tried these fins once and while I like the feel, I always fall back on my Mares. I would recommend these to anyone, but as always…look pretty heavily into sizing so you don’t have to send them back. Head here to see the reviews which will help with sizing.

5. Cressi Men’s Gara 2000 HF Long Blade Diving Fins

cressi fins 2000Close cousins to the Cressi 3000’s earlier on this list, the 2000′s are simple, to the point free diving fins. Features include an above-the-blade soft foot pocket, long blades, and a comfortable feel. Warning: this does not come with the bag in the photo! Not that it really matters, but a few of the reviewers were upset that their $150 fins didn’t include a $10 bag. Not a big deal to me.

As always, be sure to read up on sizing as it appears these come in euro sizes? Just be careful and read the sizing info.

So that is it for now! While there are tons of fins out there, including some sweet ones by Omer…these are definitely the tried and tested. I will have a lot more freediving content on the way so stay tuned. Go get out in the water!

Top 3 Mask Defoggers

One way to quickly ruin a snorkeling session or dive is to have a fogged up mask! I have spent plenty of time spitting in my mask and dealing with this temporary fix. Luckily, there are a few mask defoggers I have tried and would recommend and yes….I would only recommend these three. Whether you have a dedicated snorkel mask, or a scuba dive mask, buying one of the following mask defoggers will keep you from seeing through a fog!

1. Sea Drops Scuba Snorkel Mask Defogger Sea Drops Mask defogger

I have used these on multiple spear diving trips. A little goes a long way with these “Sea Drops” and they will keep your mask clear for the whole dive. Just be sure not overdue it and be sure to rinse off your mask after applying the Sea Drops.  Want to see reviews? Click here or the photo!

2. 500 PSI Mask Defogger with CarabinerSnorkel Mask Defogger

Free carabiner..whoop whoop! Besides that, this is a great product and actually has better reviews than either of the other products Coming from Innovative Scuba Concepts, which p.s. has a ton of cool gear if you are a nerd like me, this mask defogger is well worth the money. I have used it multiple times for diving and snorkeling and have never had any issues. As always, be sure to follow instructions and you can click here to purchase.

3. Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray

I recommend this one only because I have never had any personal Quick Spit dive mask defoggerissues with it. I have use it for dives, but read into Amazon reviews and it seems a few users have reported eyes stinging from use. Sitting at 4/5 stars after nearly 1500 reviews, I would say this is a good product. Just be sure to read up and follow instructions. Click here to purchase.